An Activity of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia

St Basil's Homes for the Aged in Victoria

Values & Mission


A multicultural Australia where older people can receive the care they need in a way that is meaningful to them. Our aim is to pursue and achieve the highest quality care through education and continuous improvement – in a culturally sensitive and safe environment – that benefits our residents, their families and staff.


Old age is difficult, and we want to show Christ’s love by making it as meaningful and enjoyable as possible. We will strive:

  • To enrich the life of the elderly by maintaining close ties to their country of birth.
  • To consider the cultural needs and identity of all residents.
  • To allow the elderly to age with respect and dignity and be given a genuine opportunity to make the latter stages of their life both meaningful and secure in a homely environment.
  • To provide the highest attainable quality care, by taking into account the individuality of the person, their physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs and their right to livewith dignity and in peace.
  • For advancement in the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of their lives.


  • To be your first choice and trusted advisor in options for ageing. St. Basil’s is committed to being a premier provider of long-term aged care. It is our desire to be the facility of choice in any community in which we operate. Our programs, services and facilities are designed and operated with superior quality in order to satisfy the needs of our elderly.


Respect – Older people are our central focus and deserve the highest respect. We believe in the preservation of their dignity, self-respect and rights in a loving and caring environment, in which their total needs are met.

Dedication – We will always do our best for older people in our care, for St. Basil’s and for each other. We give emphasis to their personal needs to enhance their quality of life and daily experiences. The reputation of St. Basil’s is founded on a first-class care program, personalised to each resident’s needs, and meeting their needs while challenging them to the highest lev el of personal functionality in the tasks of daily living. We use the best nursing care, physical and occupational therapy, nutrition, exercise, as well as recreational and community building activiti es to enhance the lives of our residents.

Working Together – In everything we do, we will work together with older people, their families, our staff, the community and other organisations, as we believe in the preservation of dignity, self-respect and resident rights in a loving and caring environment and in a resident-centered approach to care in which the total needs of the residents are met. The resident’s family is encouraged to become closely involved with St. Basil’s in meeting the resident’s needs. St. Basil’s always maintains communication with the various publics we serve and participate actively in communi ty affairs, particularly those related to health care. Our employees, are our most valuable resource. We believe in providing an environment in which associates have opportunities through education and advancement to reach their maximum potential, are recognised and rewarded for their individual contribution and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work and are motivated to continue the ir employment with St. Basil’s so long as they meet the expectations of their jobs.

Accountability – We will be accountable to each other and the older people in our care. We believe in fair and consistent application of rules, policies and procedures which collectively encourage initiative and creativity within the framework of the organisational structure. Our work is rooted in the Greek Orthodox – Christian ethic, and that obedience to God is best me asured by our service to others. Only by following this principle will our mission and potential as an aged care provider be fulfilled.